An integrative tool for the acquisition, re-gridding and conversion of environmental and climate data.

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Dataset: CRU TS3.20
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Dataset: Habitat

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2024-04-05 Logins / Session longevity have undergone some modifications/improvements. Report any problems!

2023-12-15Geological timescales (timescales outside CE) can now be handled

2023-08-16New feature LPJG-mixnmatch is being implemented (work in progress...).

2023-03-22Dropbox links (see 2022-09-19) are suspended for now.

2022-09-19Experimental feature: Download generated data sets through dropbox link for ease and speed (file sizes <100Gb)

2022-08-15A fastqueue for jobs requiring <12 min CPU-time has been introduced, resultfiles <10Mb are sent by email

2022-02-14 A new world population dataset predicting global population through the years 2010-2100 has been added.

2021-01-27 Several chelsa_trace (global coverage, high spatial resolution) modelling climatological parameters from present to 22000 years bp were added. More info

2020-09-21 Dataguru's homepage has got a new look.

2020-09-15 An introductionary Dataguru video is available.

2020-06-01Parts of the new WFDE5 dataset have been added

2017-12-07A new NPP dataset projecting supply and demand in the Sahel in the 21st century has been added

2017-08-30Two new modelling datasets devoted to investigation of climate mitigation strategies in the energy sector during 21st century have been published

2017-01-19New high-resolution projections of African population in 21st century have been published in Nature Scientific Data

2016-10-31A new dataset with global land-use forecasts from PLUM model was added

2016-10-30Further improvements to login system. (Note: you should open login link in the same browser it was generated)

2016-10-21We have a new login system! Due to retirement of previously-used Mozilla Persona we've introduced a new passwordless login. All your data and history are fully preserved.

2016-09-19In collaboration with SND DataGURU was issued DOI prefix and we started to issue DOI for public datasets

2016-06-23CORDEX dataset was re-added following the resolution of ESGF issues

2016-04-24DataGURU has been upgraded

2016-03-16WFDEI precipitaiton variables were updated to address issues introduced in the last update for the period 2011-2013

2016-01-05WFDEI dataset was extended upto the end of 2013

2015-06-17CORDEX datasets were temporarily removed due to an incident at ESGF server

2015-04-08Dataset of daily precipitation over China has been added

2015-02-19LPJ-GUESS benchmark datasets were added

2014-12-20CLUE and Habitat landuse datasets were added